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10/5/12 Annual District Camporee


There will be two levels of competitions: Troop and Patrol. Awards are presented at the Closing Ceremony on Sunday.



Troops will compete for Honor Troop and two runner-up positions in three events: gateway design, campsite, and cooking competition.

B2.1. Gateway Design (10 points)

Troops will use pioneering and lashing skills to construct a troop campsite gateway. Judging will take place around lunch time on Saturday.

B2.2. Campsite (10 points)

Troops will be evaluated on their camp area layout, neatness, safety, etc. Judging will take place around lunch time on Saturday.

B2.3. Cooking Competition (10 points)

Troops will prepare at camp a dish with pumpkin as an ingredient to enter in the cooking competition. The dish may be an appetizer, a main dish, or a dessert.

Troops will deliver their dishes to the Staff HQ by 6:30 pm on Saturday for judging. If desired, troops can enter more than one dish in the competition, allowing patrols to participate.


Patrols of 3-8 Scouts will compete in different patrol categories based on their skill levels.

B3.1. Patrol Category:

Patrols will compete against each other based on their level of experience.

Junior Patrol = No more than one Scout above First Class

Mixed Patrol = Patrols that do not fit the Junior or Senior Patrol description

Senior Patrol = No more than two Scouts (except Webelos) below First Class

B3.2. Patrol Competition Events:

Patrols will compete in five events: trebuchet competition, useful camp gadgets,

pumpkin carving, campfire song or skit, and “The Case of the Missing Pumpkin.”


B3.2.1. Trebuchet Competition (25 points)

Objective: Using pioneering and lashing skills, SCOUTS design and build a trebuchet to

hurl a small pumpkin a long distance. (Adult leaders, note the emphasis on “SCOUTS”.)

Size of Trebuchet: Note the maximum height from pivot axle to ground for different

Patrol categories.

Junior Patrol: 3 feet

Mixed Patrol: 4.5 feet

Senior Patrol: 6 feet

Regulations and Construction Rules were emailed to Scoutmasters in February 2012

and published on the George Mason District website:

The same PDF is included in this overview. See Appendix A

B3.2.2. Useful Camp Gadgets (10 points)

Each patrol will set up useful camp gadgets for their camping area. These gadgets will

be evaluated for their creativity, functionality and design. Judging will take place

Saturday afternoon. Please do not bring gadgets already assembled. The objective is

for the patrols to build and assemble gadgets on site.

B3.2.3. Pumpkin Carving (10 points)

Each patrol will bring a pumpkin and carve it at camp to enter this competition. Patrols

will deliver the carved pumpkins to Staff HQ by 6:30 pm on Saturday for judging.

B3.2.4. Campfire Song or Skit (10 points)

The Saturday night campfire is a chance for the camp to sit back and enjoy some lighthearted

entertainment from fellow campers and end the day on a high note. Everyone

looks forward to seeing the wonderful and diverse talents of our Scouts. To enter this

competition, a patrol should prepare a song or skit. Feel free to practice your song

or skit ahead of time. Props and costumes are welcome. Sign up at Staff HQ on

Saturday before 1pm to allow the Staff to plan the order for the campfire.

B.3.2.5. The Case of the Missing Pumpkin (10 points)

Rules of engagement for this event will be announced Friday evening at the SM and

SPL briefing. Scouts are advised to learn and practice their knots and lashings to

succeed in this event.


Troops are encouraged to take advantage of the training and preparation for this

camporee to complete requirements for merit badges such as Pioneering and

Engineering. If you are a Merit Badge Counselor willing to help Scouts with merit badge

requirements, please let the Staff know at check-in on Friday.


Scouts enjoyed the “Tomahawk Throwing” event at the 2011 Camporee and requested

it again for the 2012 Camporee. The “Tomahawk Throwing” station will be open on

Saturday morning only. Slots to participate as a patrol are limited. Patrols must sign up

at check-in on Friday. Regrettably, Webelos Scouts are not allowed to participate in

“Tomahawk Throwing”, per Guide to Safe Scouting. Note that “Tomahawk Throwing” is

not a scored event.

Click here for the campout packet

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