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Patrols & Leadership

This list is as of – 4/2014

Senior Patrol Leader Sam Sjoberg
Assistant Senior Patrol
Timothy Gilmour
Junior Assistant
Jonathan Gilmour
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster James Pala
Quartermaster Garrett Ross
Bugler Christian Autor
Scribe Casey Scheuerman
Webmaster Peter Parker
Historian Christian Ross
Troop Guide James Englander
Order of the Arrow Rep Philip Whittlesey
Librarian Thomas Unger
Den Chief Craig Hagigh
Den Chief Daniel Ross
Leave No Trace Trainer Ben Davis
Golden Ospreys Patrol
Patrol Leader Michael-Andrew Keays
Assistant Patrol Leader Daniel Ross
Thomas Unger
Craig Hagigh
Mark Kelley
Braeden Fraas
James Trombo
Jared Robbins
Giovanni Vigil
Flaming Knives Patrol
Patrol Leader & Matthew Zampella
Assistant Patrol Leader Jacob Robbins
James Englander
Christian Autor
Joshua Mitchell
Sebastian Boos
Colin O’Connor
Garrett Ross
Connor Carlson
Connor Mills
Ian Wilson
Snow Patrol
Patrol Leader Liam DeVan
Assistant Patrol Leader Marcus Roussey
Joshua Cothern
Peter Parker
Christian Ross
Ben Davis
Casey Scheuerman
Holden Saberhagen
Eric Lowery
Alec Autor
Hans Abruzzi
Parker Anderson
Elders Patrol
Patrol Leader James Pala
Philip Whittlesey
Noah Saberhagen
Matt Valley
James Coppock
Matt Lowery
Jonathan Gilmour

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