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Parent Committee Positions

Currently the troop is run by the following individuals, here is a list of the Parent Committee position descriptions:

Parent Committee Positions

(February 2015)

Committee Chair:  Wally Zampella

Assistant Committee Chair:  Jim Custer

Treasurer:  Renee Rumingan

Secretary:  Jennifer Anderson

Membership Coordinator:  Chris Cozadd

Parent Coordinator: Vacant

Training Coordinator:  Joe Trombo

Activities Coordinator:  Renee Rumingan

Chaplain:  Michael Keays

Equipment Coordinator:  Vacant

Website Coordinator:  Sean Parker

Fundraising Coordinator:  Sharon Robbins & Ellen McRae

Community Service Coordinator:  Steve Unger

Recruitment Coordinator:  Jeff Englander

Scout Bucks Coordinator: Hildy Zampella


Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator: Gabriella Abruzzi

Troopmaster Coordinator:  Anne Davis

Internet Advancement Coordinator:  Ari Autor

Court of Honor Coordinator: Cathy Mills

Board of Review Coordinator: Cathy Mills

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