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When you make the decision to join a troop you need to know how it works and how it accomplishes the goals set forth by the BSA. This page (this site really) will try to give you an insight into our troops culture, its concepts on leadership, and its outlook and future directions.

Troop 349 is a unique troop, we require adult involvement, we define the Boy Scout programs concept of “Boy-led”, and our culture supports that concept through a mantra of “leadership guided with adult-mentoring”; this is accomplished by having the adults in the troop actively facilitate BSA based leadership training. All scouts in 349 are taught to ask leading questions while practicing adjunct leadership – versus just providing direction or delivering orders.

Our goal is to actively promote:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Mentorship
  • Team resource management.

A lofty goal indeed, but the best part is, we make it fun, and it takes learning how to lead to a new level.

All 349 Merit badge work is planned, supported, and coordinated:

With a unique spiral segmented calendar approach to both advancement and merit badge work, 349 looks to support its scouts and their families all the way through to being an Eagle in a considerate and timely manner.


What are we known for?

Every troop is known for something, canoeing, rock climbing, hiking… we do all of that, but what we’re really known for is being a high-quality troop!

Here’s why:

  • All uniformed leaders are trained
  • Our program is planned and coordinated,
    (that means all campouts, meetings, and special events are planned in advance to support agreed to goals)
  • Our communications are timely and complete
  • Our calendar is planned out 18 months in advance
  • We try to keep our troop to a number of scouts that work effectively in our space
  • We try to keep a balanced number of scouts in each rank

Troop 349 Facts:


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