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About 349

Our History: To read about the troops history click here

Our Mission: To give every boy a safe environment to learn and practice the principles of leadership while helping him to become a stronger and more dependable member of his family, his community, and citizen of his country.

Boy-led, Adult-mentored, defined: Many troops will tell you they are boy led, but what does that mean? Troop 349′s culture is based on the concept of boys leading boys, so that each scout can get hands-on experience learning leadership, however, we also believe that parents need to be an integral part of that concept. Troop 349 has adopted the BSA’s mantra of “boy led” but added the phrase “adult mentored” and here is why:

For learning to take place, a teacher, a student, and a defined outcome are needed. If any part of that equation is missing, true learning cannot take place and a predictable safe outcome cannot be assured. By having knowledgeable and committed adult leaders and volunteers involved in the interactions of the troop, by having a clear goal, and by having check points along the way, a Scout in 349 can safely learn the concepts of leadership, be confident that the directions he issues will be correct and balanced for the intended outcome, and know that he has committed adults looking out for everyone’s best interests.

The value of parental involvement: In order for the troop to operate in a safe and predictable manner all parents must take part in the troop at some level. Be it in the committee, helping with events, or going on camp outs, all parents whether they are a registered leader, a committed volunteer, or just a concerned adult are encouraged to share their skills, ideas, or observations with the scouts and the troop at any time and they can rest assured that their input will be valued and acted on.

Troop Leadership: All leaders in the troop serve at the committees leisure and can be asked to step down at any time. All positions in the troop are for a period of two years, at which point the committee elects to renew the leader in it and the leader agrees to serve again. At that point the leader will be on a “year-to-year” basis and will have to be invited back by the committee for another term. The goal is to keep the leadership fresh, the ideas coming, and to promote confidence in all leaders in the troop. Troop 349 does not want to have a “scout master for life” leadership team!

Our Charter: Troop 349 is a chartered unit in the George Mason District of the National Capital Area Council (NCAC) of the BSA, Bethesda, MD. The American Legion Post 130 of Falls Church, Virginia, sponsors Troop 349.

Troop Membership and Guidelines: Youth membership in Troop 349 is open to all boys who qualify with at least one of the following:

  • Are at least 11 years old, but not more than 18 years old
  • Have completed the fifth grade
  • Have received the Arrow of Light award.

Applicants also agree to abide by:

  1. The Scout Oath
  2. The Scout Law
  3. The BSA Outdoor Code
  4. The 349 Reference Guide


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