7/1 2012 Summer Camp

Summer is fast approaching and camp preparation activities are underway.

This year the Troop is planning on attending Heritage Reservation in Farmington PA. All scouts wishing to attend must have their Troop 349 dues paid in full, have a completed health form, and have submitted their BSA enrollment form.

Older Scout Activities – Merit Badges: Scheduling for the merit badges is completed online and the troop will submit your online registration. All merit badge enrollment is on a first-come, first serve basis. Please sit down with your scout soonest and review his options. We would like a first choice and second choice for each time frame NO LATER THAN APRIL 20. Older scouts should consider a Scoutcraft merit badge like Camping or Cooking, or another option such as BSA Lifeguard or Day Trek. The scouts should be busy all day. If your scout opts not to pursue activities (and plans to lounge around the camp site)….. well, we’ll likely put him to work.

First Year Scouts: We plan to schedule First Year Campers to move as a group between activities. We recommend that the first year scouts focus on the Swimming merit badge, another merit badge to be determined (possibly Camping, Cooking, or Communications) and the Braddock Brigade’s First Aid/Outdoor Skill programs. Please notify Jeff and I soonest if, in your opinion, your scout is a non-swimmer or weak swimmer so we can work on another merit badge option.

Dietary Restrictions: Does your scout have any dietary restrictions? Please let us know via email.

  • A 2011 Camp Liberty Parent Guide (Camp Liberty will produce a 2012 version, but some things don’t change. Ignore the merit badge schedule in the parent guide; the 2012 version is provided elsewhere).
  • A map of Camp Liberty. Camp Liberty is part of the Heritage Scout Reservation. We will be in Site Trenton.
  • The BSA Health and Medical Forms A/B/C.
  • A Heritage Scout Reservation Supplemental Health Form (one page and to be signed by the parent and, if necessary, unit leader)
  • The 2012 Prerequisites List which provides merit badge options, prerequisites, level of difficulty, and the Braddock’s Brigade options.
  • A one-page 2012 Advancement Schedule is found in the Prerequisites list; I attached it to this message because it is easy-to-read.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff, Wally, or Jim Thanks

Camp downloads

Here is a map to the camp:

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We need some information from you and your scout: 

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  1. I want to thank you for the sentimental junroey down memory lane!! I was very fortunate to have gone on 3 treks in the early 70 s, crew chief on the 3rd one. Reading your blog stirred up feelings and memories from those days. We visited almost exactly the same camps, which made your blog even more wonderful for me, and I recognized almost all the areas depicted in your photos!(felt like I was there again!)I spent 3 other summers on staff, however the learning experiences of the treks had a much greater impact on my life. It was especially interesting to see the trek through the eyes of an advisor!I am amazed and pleased that very little has changed on the trail. I was afraid that all the electronic devices available to kids now would ruin the experience. (texting, gaming, etc )Last summer the staff reunion was at Rocky Mountain Scout Camp and I hiked to Lover’s Leap, but that’s as far into the backcountry as I’ve been able to get since 1979, so thank you again for letting me re-live these memories!!

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